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Directors All our fellow women travellers have inspired us to being the Smiles Holidays journey, a travel club that organizes all-woman tours all over the world. The perfect holiday booking company for women who want to explore the world and actually know what it means to “shop till you drop”, “be a busy bee in gossip” and know the wondrous laugh of our childhood returned to us. But the most important aspect of all vacations planned by Smiles Holidays for women is the “quality me time” you spend on the number person in your life.Yourself.

In the hectic work life schedule of the today, women hardly find time to pamper themselves. You could be focused on your career, or choose to stay at home to nurture your children, you’re so busy running around preparing them for life that you often forget to look after yourself. Even your doting husband has a packed schedule and once you’re done taking care of his needs, and those of your child you have very little time for yourself. In moments like this you need to take a step back and for a few days prioritize yourself. Enjoy some tender, love, and affection of your own company. Rejuvenate so you can come back to being the supermom your husband and kids have come to rely so much on. Not to mention a little recreational fun every now and then goes a long way in improving your mental and physical health. If this is something that might interest you Smiles Holidays is just the team to get you on your way. Choose from a variety of international and domestic tour packages and let us take care of the rest.

We’ll plan the ultimate holiday and woman’s tour that you not only need, but so desperately deserve. It’s a fine balance between being pampered in SPA’s, living in luxury in the finest accommodations, as well as fun time out doing various activities and last but not least, plenty of time to shop. We also ensure to book a safe holiday for all our women travellers. Your Smiles Holidays chaperone will also be with you during your tours and you’ll find our presence both comforting and warm, like catching up with old friends.

Smiles Holidays is not your ordinary travel agency in Pune or a regular holiday booking company we are an exclusive travel club for women that organizes multiple exciting and fun holiday events every year.

Our mission is to “excel in the services we offer while providing you the vacation experience of a lifetime”. We assure of doing our utmost at providing the best, most affordable holiday bookings that will enable you to make memories for a lifetime. If this is what you have in mind, we warmly invite you to journey of unlimited travel experiences with Smiles Holidays.

Thank You!
Sujata and Shweta