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Bali - An Unparalleled Pradise

Bali is one of the overseas locations where you can plan today and be there immediately the next day. This island, a part of Indonesian archipelago has #Visa on arrival, thus saving one from the hassle of paperwork before departure. Yes Bali has beaches, surfing, diving and exotic locations, but what sets it apart are the interesting aspects of its culture. The Balinese people offer ‘Prashad’ daily to their local deity. Not only god, they are known to worship the demon too, so that it keeps away from them. They do not need any idol to worship; this may come from the belief that God is a superpower which is omnipresent. The place has incredible handicrafts and artwork with the shopping destinations lined with goods made from intricately carved wood and other metals. Their cuisine is also very distinctive. Their use of a variety of spices blended with fresh vegetables and different meats are not only visually enticing but also equally delicious. Their BabiGuling, Lawar, Bebek_betutu (slow cooked duck) etc. are listed as must try recipes by many experts. Their culture also has Hindu influence. This can be mainly seen from art performances portraying stories of #Hindu #mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Amongst the places of interest one of the most interesting locations is the Tanah Lot Temple. This extremely scenic location attracts everyone right from honeymooners to senior citizens. The breathtaking view it offers of the serene water is unequalled by other locations. Other must watch places include Uluwatu Temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, Mount Batur – an active volcano, Mount Agung- highest point on the island. For Indians, what makes this location fascinating is not just the exotic view and rich culture it offers, but also the fact that our currency is higher. 1 Indian Rupee equals around 204 (fluctuating) Indonesian Rupiah. This makes the cost of luxury affordable for us in their country. One may opt for five star resorts located at striking locations in the country without a big pinch to the pocket.